The History of Jazz
The History of Jazz by Ted Gioia
Oxford University Press 1997

Winner of the Bay Area Book Reviewers Association
award for best non-fiction book of the year.  

Named in
The Washington Post, by Pulitzer Prize Winner
Jonathan Yardley as one of the 20 best books of the year.

New York Times Notable Book of the Year.

“Possibly the best survey to date.”
     Ann Douglas in
The New York Times

“If you are looking for an introduction to jazz, this is it. If you know
and love jazz well, this is your vade mecum.  Me, I expect to be
reading around in it for the rest of my life . . .  [It is] the definitive
work: encyclopedic, discriminating, provocative, perceptive and
eminently readable. With its publication, it can no longer be said
that the literature of jazz falls far short of the music itself.”
      Jonathan Yardley in
The Washington Post

“In The History of Jazz, Gioia has written an authoritative work of
research that does not spare the poetic power of words.”
      James Sullivan in
The San Francisco Chronicle

"Gioia's History stands a good chance of becoming the
standard guide for general readers and academics. . . . Gioia
coherently and eruditely compacts into 400-odd pages the work
of 30 volumes.  Impressive with epic sweep, he details divinely
       Greg Tate in
The Village Voice

“Ted Gioia’s The History of Jazz is the work of a noted jazz
scholar and performer, but is just as plainly aimed at a general
audience. . .  .  Anyone looking for a balanced, well-written
popular history of jazz will certainly find it both readable and
reliable . . .  nor should more experienced readers expect to come
away empty-handed.”
        Terry Teachout in
The Wall Street Journal

"[Gioia] is one of the outstanding music historians in America. . . .
The History of Jazz is as near definitive as a one-volume work
can be."
The Dallas Morning News

“This is the book you need if you require a grasp of the music’s
history, and it is a friendly companion for those who have an
overview but will always welcome more details . . .It is the best
history in print.”
        John Clare in
The Australian’s Review of Books

“Powerful and dynamic . . . essential reading for the serious
jazz student”
        Dr. Lee Bash in
Jazz Educator’s Journal

“If you wanted to introduce someone to jazz with a single book,
this would be a good choice.”
           Kirkus Review
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