The Imperfect Art
The Imperfect Art     
Oxford University Press 1988
                                                       Portable Stanford edition  1988
                                                       Italian translation 2007
                                                       Greek translation forthcoming

Winner of the ASCAP / Deems Taylor Award

Named a Jazz Book of the Century by Jazz Educators Journal

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“This book represents a breakthrough in how to listen to and think
about jazz.”
          Steve Paul in the
Kansas City Star

“These seven essays…explain the distinctive features of jazz more
succinctly and precisely than almost any other book on the subject.”
Publishers Weekly

“Thoughtful jazz lovers of all degrees of musical literacy ought to be
delighted and enlightened by Gioia’s yeomanly effort.   A rich little book.”

“An intellectual . . . thought-provoking set of essays on jazz.”
          Scott Yanow in

“[Gioia] has chosen a formidable theme for his first book:   how peculiar
jazz is in comparison with the other arts, and what makes it that way.  He
works some dazzling, quirky variations on this theme. . . thoughtful and
          Peter Keepnews in
The New York Times

“A splendid book . . . In his cross-cultural reflections, scholarly yet
accessible even to newcomers to jazz, the author invokes Plato, Pound,
Pollock, Mozart, Satie and Heidegger, but he doesn’t merely drop
names as he traipses through the annals of history.  He is succinct,
passionate and convincing. . . Right on!  Gioia’s books and records are
highly recommended.”
          Gene Kalbacher, Editor,
Hot House

“The Imperfect Art is an important contribution celebrating jazz as a true
treasure of our times.  Thoroughly accessible to any intelligent non-jazz
          Dr. Herb Wong Past President, IAJE