West Coast Jazz
West Coast Jazz   Oxford University Press 1992  
                                          Revised edition UC Press, 1998

“West Coast Jazz. . . ranks among the most distinguished
works of jazz scholarship  yet published.”
     Terry Teachout in
The Wall Street Journal

“A book that desperately needed to be written and has
turned out to be a surprise landmark and a masterpiece.”
     Bruce & Joel Klauber in

“Gioia’s book is rightly regarded as the bible of West
Coast jazz . . . and as such is the most erudite and
readable work on the subject.  It is unlikely to ever be
bettered and should, as they say, be in every library.”
     Steve Voce in
Jazz Journal International

“Gioia’s detailed, crisply-written work sheds long-overdue
light on this much-maligned subject. . . Gioia weaves
serious musical analysis with engaging biographies of
scores of musicians.”  
     Lee Hildebrand in
The San Francisco Chronicle

“Ted Gioia is very much a West Coast jazz partisan, and
his informed enthusiasm and wide-ranging research
makes West Coast Jazz a highly rewarding and arguable
work . . . Makes a large, disparate, unruly subject not only
coherent but also intriguing.”
Chicago Tribune

“While requisite space is devoted to such cool icons as
Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker, Gioia also takes an
expert, often iconoclastic look at the careers of other West
Coast jazz men, both well-known and obscure. . . Anyone
looking for a basic history of the California scene should
start with this smart, opinionated book.”
     Chris Morris in

“Gioia writes with the musical knowledge of a jazzman and
the immediacy of a reporter, in language that has a casual
     Bill Kisliuk in
The San Francisco Chronicle

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