John Luther Adams    
Canticles of the Holy Wind    
Contemporary Choral Music

Teddy Afro    
Illegal Ethiopian Dance Music

Fragile, Ultra-Slow Latin Electropop

Daymé Arocena    
Contemporary Afro-Cuban Music

Sam Baker    
Land of Doubt    
Raw, Self-Produced Singer-Songwriter from the Texas Prairie

Scott H. Biram    
The Bad Testament    
Funkish Punkish Country Music

Groove-Free Techno with Flutes & Birdsong

Theo Bleckmann    
Elegaic Jazz

Stefano Bollani    
Mediterraneo: Jazz at the Berlin Philharmonic    
Jazz with Classical/Cinematic Ingredients

Brooklyn Youth Chorus    
Black Mountain Songs    
Contemporary Music for Youth Chorus

Betty Buckley    
Story Songs    

Sarah Cahill    
Eighty Trips Around the Sun: Music by and for Terry Riley    
Piano Music Composed (or Inspired) by Terry Riley

Celestial Sirens/Musica Secreta   
Lucrezia Borgia's Daughter     
Anonymous 16th Century Polyphony for Nuns

Bill Charlap    
Uptown Downtown    
Jazz Piano Trio

Billy Childs    

Clann An Drumma     
Order of the Stag    
Tribal Drumming with Scottish Bagpipes

Gary Clark, Jr.   
Live in North America 2016    
Electric Blues

Anat Cohen Tentet    
Happy Song    
Semi-Big-Band Jazz

Jessi Colter    
The Psalms    

The Como Mamas    
Move Upstairs    

Andrew Cooperstock    
Leonard Bernstein: Complete Solo Works for Piano    
Modern Classical Music

Danish String Quartet    
Last Leaf    
Nordic Folk Music/Chamber Music

Old Rock in New Jazzy Guises

Del Sol Quartet & Gyan Riley    
Terry Riley: Dark Queen Mantra    
Music for String Quartet and Electric Guitar

Ani DiFranco    

Emerson String Quartet    
Chaconnes and Fantasias: Music of Britten and Purcell    
Chamber Music

Czech Orchestral Art Pop

Brian Eno    
Ambient Music

Heloísa Fernandes    
Brazilian Music/Jazz

Fink's Sunday Night Blues Club, Vol. 1    
British Blues for Moderns

Champian Fulton    
Jazz Piano

Galley Beggar    
Heathen Hymns    
British Folk-Rock With a Touch of Metal

Molly Gebrian & Danny Holt    
Trios for Two     
New Music for Viola, Piano and Percussion

Rhiannon Giddens    
Freedom Highway

Stanley Grill    
At the Center of Things    
Contemporary Chamber Music Inspired by Early Music

Erik Griswold    
Ecstatic Descent    
New Music for Prepared Piano

Jo Harman    
People We Become    
Moody British Singer-Songwriter Comes to Nashville

Stephen Hartke     
The Ascent of the Equestrian in a Balloon    
Contemporary Classical Music

Fred Hersch    
Open Book    
Solo Jazz Piano

Jennifer Higdon    
All Things Majestic    
Ecology-Inspired Contemporary Classical Music

Ifriqiyya Électrique    
Sufi Trance Music from Tunisia with a Post-Punk Twist

The Infamous Stringdusters    
Laws of Gravity    

Vijay Iyer    
Far From Over    

Ahmad Jamal    

Jasper String Quartet    
Contemporary Chamber Music

Black Origami    
Percussion-Driven Multicultural Dance Music

John Joubert    
Jane Eyre    
Contemporary Opera

Mari Kimura    
Voyage Apollonian    
Music for Violin & Interactive Computer

The Kraken Quartet    
Separate / Migrate    
Dance & Trance Music for Percussion and Electronics

Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge    
Mount Royal    

Nguyên Lê & Ngô Hồng Quang    
Há Nôi Duo    
Vietnamese Music/Jazz

Charles Lloyd    
Passin' Thru    

The Magnetic Fields    
50 Song Memoir    
Pop-Rock Art Songs

Rudresh Mahanthappa’s Indo-Pak Coalition     
Jazz/South Asian Music

Laura Marling    
Semper Femina    

Hayes McMullan    
Everyday Seem Like Murder Here    
Previously Unreleased Country Blues Recorded in 1960s

Björn Meyer    
Ritualistic Music for Solo Bass Guitar (Six-String Electric and Acoustic)

Father John Misty    
Pure Comedy    
Faux Ecclesiastical Singer-Songwriter

Stanton Moore    
With You In Mind: The Songs of Allen Toussaint    
New Orleans Funk

Randy Newman    
Dark Matter    
Mordant Singer-Songwriter

North Mississippi Allstars    
Prayer for Peace    
Roots & Blues

Víkingur Ólafsson    
Philip Glass: Piano Works     
Minimalist Piano Music

Ed Palermo Big Band    
The Great Un-American Songbook, Vol 1& 2    
Irreverent Rock Repertory Big Band Music

Aaron Parks    
Find the Way    

Maurizio Pollini    
Chopin: Late Works    
Classical Piano Music

Billy Porter (with Guests)    
The Soul of Richard Rodgers    
Flamboyant Updatings of Broadway Tunes

Chris Potter    
The Dreamer is the Dream    

Awa Poulo    
Poulo Warali    
Peulh Music from Mali


Jason Ricci & The Bad Kind    
Approved by Snakes    
Dirty Harmonica Blues

Pepe Romero/Vicente Coves    
Federico Moreno Torroba: Guitar Concertos 2   
20th Classical Music for Guitar

Ryuichi Sakamoto    
Soundtrack Without a Film

Cécile McLorin Salvant    
Dreams and Daggers    
Jazz Vocals

András Schiff    
Encores After Beethoven    
Classical Piano Music

Adam Schoenberg    
American Symphony/Finding Rothko/Picture Studies    
Neo-Romanticist Contemporary Orchestral Music

Raymond Scott    
Three Willow Park: Electronic Music from Inner Space 1961-1971    
Previously Unreleased Electronic and AI Music from 1960s

SFJAZZ Collective     
Music of Miles Davis & Original Compositions    

Peter Silberman    

Songhoy Blues    
West African Desert Rock as Political Protest

Tyshawn Sorey    
Pointillistic Anti-Jazz

Wesley Stace    
Wesley Stace's John Wesley Harding    

Colin Stetson    
All This I Do For Glory    
Experimental Saxophone Trance Music

Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly and James McAlister      
Introverted Pop for Star-Gazing

Quinn Sullivan     
Midnight Highway    
Bluesy Rock-Pop

Systema Solar    
Rumbo A Tierra    

Tale of Us    
Tech-Noir Chillout Music from Deutsche Grammophon

The Tangent    
The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery    
Neo Prog Rock

Otis Taylor    
Fantasizing About Being Black    
Trance Blues

Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau    
Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau    
Jazz/Folk Hybrid


African Desert Blues

Tohpati Ethnomission     
Mata Hati    
Indonesian Jazz-Rock

Ralph Towner    
My Foolish Heart    
Jazz Guitar

Contemporary Brazilian Popular Music

The Unthanks    
Diversions, Vol. 4: The Songs and Poems of Molly Drake    
Brooding Songs by Nick Drake's Mother Molly Drake (1915-1993)

Kamasi Washington    
Harmony of Difference    
Jazz with a Tinge of Soul/R&B

Dale Watson and Ray Benson    
Dale & Ray    
Roadhouse Country

Willie Watson       
Folksinger, Vol. 2.    
Folk Music

The xx    
I See You    
Dream Pop

Miguel Zenón    
Related Links:

The 100 Best Albums of 2016
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The 100 Best Albums of 2012
The 100 Best Albums of 2011


I am often asked how I compile my
annual list of the 100 best albums.
Here is some background information.  

What is different about this year's list?

I am listing my top 100 for 2017 in
alphabetical order, rather than ranking
them. This marks a change from
previous years. I am doing this
because each of these albums
deserves recognition and the
sequential ranking tended to focus
too much attention on just a few

What styles of music do I include in my

I listen to all genres and all styles of
music. I like to listen to music that is
fresh and different, and this spurs me
to search outside the dominant
commercial categories and hit
releases. But I also listen to the
heavily promoted albums from the
major labels.    

How much music do I listen to?   

I like to hear new music every day.   
During 2017 I listened to more
than 1,000 new  album releases.
(The exact number was 1,034.)  

Why do I compile this list?

Like any music lover, I enjoy
sharing my favorite music with others.
But in the last few years, a different
motivation has spurred me. I believe
that the system of music discovery is
broken in the current day. There is
more music recorded than ever before,
but it is almost impossible for listeners
to find the best new recordings.  The
most creative work in music is
increasingly found on self-produced
projects and releases from small
indie labels— to an extent hardly
conceivable only a decade ago.  Very
little of this music ever shows up on
the radio, where formats seem to get
narrower and narrower with each
passing year.  Music fans once heard
good new music at indie record stores,
but most of them have closed. Or
they could read reviews in the
newspaper, but both the newspapers
and the music reviews are shrinking or
disappearing. And the big record
labels are the worst culprits of all,
picking acts for their looks or their
potential appeal to fourteen-year-olds,
or some other egregious reason, and
in general jumping on the most trivial
passing fads. On the other hand,
the Internet presents an almost
infinite amount of music and music
commentary—yet where do fans
even begin to separate the good from
the bad and ugly?  My personal solution
to this dilemma has been to listen to
lots and lots of music, and try to
identify recordings of quality and
distinction. I share my list because
I know, from past experience, that
many other listeners are frustrated
with the broken system of music
discovery, and are also looking for
good new music.  

What criteria do I apply?  

I have no axe to grind.  My list is
filled with music I enjoy, and suspect
others will too—especially if they
have a reasonably good ear, and
an open mind.  I like recordings that
show some flair and creativity, a
sense of style, solid musicianship,
and an emotional commitment to
the moment of performance. I
appreciate it when an artist
possesses a sense of musical
tradition; on the other hand, I don’t
want to see slavish imitation of the
past. When music strikes me as
too formulaic or contrived or cold,
I start to lose interest.  Like any critic,
I want my readers to think that I am
cool and hip and oh-so-up-to-date,
but I learned some time ago that
many of the best recordings are
decidedly uncool and unhip.  So if
you want to laugh at me for honoring
some superannuated rocker or
unfashionable bagpipe album,
go right ahead. But also check
out some of the lesser-known titles on
the might just be pleasantly
surprised by what you hear.

Happy listening!
Ted Gioia
The 100 Best Recordings of 2017

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Here's my list of the 100 best albums of 2017 (in alphabetical order this year). They are drawn from all styles and all genres. Happy listening!
HONORABLE MENTION:  Here are another 100 recordings of merit released during 2017.

Daniel Barenboim / West-Eastern Divan Orchestra     Hommage à Boulez    Modern Classical Music

William Basinski     A Shadow in Time    Avant-Garde Ambient Music

Django Bates    The Study of Touch    Jazz

Marco Beasley & Private Musicke    Meraviglia d'Amore: Love Songs from 17th Century Italy   Late Renaissance Music

Mark Bebbington & Rebecca Omordia    The Piano Music of Ralph Vaughan Williams    Classical Music

Chuck Berry    Chuck    Rock 'n' Roll

Anouar Brahem, Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette, Django Bates    Blue Maqams    World Music/Jazz

John Browning    The Unreleased Debussy Recital    Classical Music

Laura Cannell    Hunter Huntress Hawker    Experimental Violin Music

Steven Chesne    Sapient    Cross-Cultural Contemporary Music of Prayer and Chant Traditions

Anat Cohen & Marcello Gonçalves      Outra Coisa: The Music of Mocair Santos    Latin Jazz

Concerto Italiano/Rinaldo Alessandrini     Monteverdi: Night. Stories of Lovers and Warriors     Classical Music

Consortium Carissimi    Giacomo Carissimi: 8 Motets    Renaissance Vocal Polyphony

Cornelius    Mellow Waves    Japanese Pop That Isn't J-Pop

Ed Dowie    The Uncle Sold    Odd Pop

Sylvester Draggon, Jr.     The Pillow Variations    Contemporary Classical Music

Justin Townes Earle    Kids In The Street    Country/Roots

Euskal Barrokensemble   El Amor Brujo: Esencias de la Mœsica de Manuel de Falla     Spanish Folk/Spanish Classical Music

JoAnn Falletta/Buffalo Philharmonic    Vítězslav Novák: In the Tatra Mountains    Classical Music

Five Horse Johnson    Jake Leg Boogie    Heavy Metal Blues from Toledo

Renée Fleming    Distant Light    Art Songs

Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan    Small Town    Guitar/Bass Jazz Duets

Ghost Train Orchestra    Book of Rhapsodies Vol. II     Jazz for a Demented Circus

Mark Guiliana    Jersey    Jazz

Tigran Hamasyan    An Ancient Observer    Armenian-Influenced Jazz Piano

Lou Harrison    Violin Concerto/Grand Duo/Double Music    Modern Classical Music

Beth Hart    Fire on the Floor    Singer-Songwriter

Patrick Hawes    Revelation    Contemporary Choral Music

The Heliocentrics    A World Of Masks    Cosmic Funk

Natalie Hemby      Puxico    Traditional Country

Thomas William Hill     Asylum for Eve    Soundtrack Without a Film

Art Hirahara (with Donny McCaslin)    Central Line    Jazz

Hamilton de Holanda    Casa de Bituca    Mandolin Interpretations of Milton Nascimento Compostions

James Newton Howard    Soundtrack to Roman J. Israel, Esq.    Film Soundtrack

Ray Wylie Hubbard    Tell the Devil I'm Getting' There as Fast as I Can    Outlaw Country with a Large Dose of Traditional Blues

Dan Hunter    Angels and Dust    Hot Rock Guitar

Ibibio Sound Machine    Uyai    Nigerian Dance Music

The Industry    Hopscotch    Mobile Postmodern Opera

Sidney Jacobs    First Man    Soul/R&B

Benedikt Jahnel    The Invariant    Jazz

Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra/Wynton Marsalis    The Music of John Lewis    Repertory Jazz

Ryan Keberle & Catharsis    Find the Common, Shine a Light    Jazz

Kondi Band    Salone    Afro-Electronica with Thumb Piano

Alison Krauss    Windy City    Country

Kronos Quartet    Folk Songs    Folk Music/Chamber Music

Nils Landgren/Jeanette Köhn/Capella de la Torre/Knabenchor Hannover    New Eyes on Martin Luther    Lutheran Jazz

Lorde    Melodrama    Pop

Yo-Yo Ma & The Knights    Osvaldo Golijov: Azul    Contemporary Concerto for Cello

James MacMillan    Stabat Mater    Modern Medieval

Georgia Mancio (with Alan Broadbent)    Songbook    Jazzy Songs

John Mauceri /WDR Rundfunkchor    Sigmund Romberg: The Student Prince    Operetta

Christian McBride Big Band    Bringin' It    Big Band Jazz

Bear McCreary     Soundtrack to Rebel in the Rye    Film Soundtrack for Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble and Typewriter

Mark McGuire    Ideas Of Beginnings    Folk-ish Guitar Instrumentals

Mie Miki    Das Wohltemperierte Akkordeon    Bach Played on Accordion

Le Miroir De Musique/Baptiste Romain    Johannes Tinctoris: Secret Consolations    Early Music

Steve Moakler    Steel Town    Pittsburgh-esque Country & Western Music

Johannes Monno    Bach: Works for Lute    Classical Music

Moon Duo    Occult Architecture, Vol. 1    Psychedelic Rock

John Moreland    Big Bad Luv    Singer-Songwriter

Mr. Lif & Brass Menažeri    Resilient    Hip-Hop with Balkan Brass Band

Josh Nelson    The Sky Remains    Jazz

Andris Nelsons/Gewandhausorchester Leipzig     Bruckner: Symphony 3; Wagner: Tannhauser Overture    Classical Music

Vadim Neselovskyi    Get Up and Go    Jazz Piano

Jovino Santos Neto & André Mehmari    Guris: Celebrating the Music of Hermeto Pascoal    Brazilian Jazz

Nomade Orquestra    Entremundos    Genre-Crossing Afro-Brazilian Big Band

Dona Onete    Banzeiro    Amazonian Dance Music

Oracle Hysterical    Passionate Pilgrim     Pop-Oriented Art Song Cycle with Baroque Instruments

Orchestra Baobab     Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng    Senegalese Afro-Cuban Dance Music

Tarik O'Regan    A Celestial Map of the Sky    Contemporary Classical Music

Original Broadway Cast    In Transit: Broadway's First A Cappella Musical    A Cappella Broadway Musical

Eddie Palmieri    Saibduria (Wisdom)    Latin Jazz

Krzysztof Penderecki/Warsaw Philharmonic    Penderecki Conducts Penderecki Vol. 2    Contemporary Choral Music

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band    Front Porch Sessions    Blues/Old Timey

Noam Pikelny    Universal Favorite    Americana/Bluegrass

Gregory Porter    Nat King Cole & Me    Nat King Cole Tribute Album

Portland State Chamber Choir / Ethan Sperry    Eriks Esenvald: The Doors of Heaven    Contemporary Choral Music

Georges Raillard (composer) David William Ross (guitarist)    Butterflies in the Labyrinth of Silence    Contemporary Guitar Music

Kyle Riabko    Richard Rodgers Reimagined    Reinterpretations of Broadway Standards in Contemporary Genre Styles

LeAnn Rimes    Remnants    Pop

Chris Robinson Brotherhood    Barefoot in the Head    Roots Rock

Elkin Robinson    Sun a Shine    Afro-Caribbean Songs from the Island of Providencia

Christian Sands    Reach    Jazz

La Santa Cecilia    Amar y Vivir    Traditional Mexican Boleros and Rancheras

Luke Sellick    Alchemist    Jazz

Ballaké Sissoko, Driss El Maloumi, and Rajery    Anarouz    Mali/Madagascar/Morocco Mixture

Martial Solal & Dave Liebman    Masters In Bordeaux    Jazz

Ben Sollee    Ben Sollee and Kentucky Native    Cello-Driven Bluegrass

Somi    Petite Afrique    Introspective Soul Music

Son of the Velvet Rat    Dorado    Americana Desert Noir by Austrian Musicans

Omar Souleyman    To Syria, With Love    Syrian Wedding Electronic Dance Music

St. Vincent    Masseduction    Singer-Songwriter

Jayme Stone    Folklife    Folk/Americana

Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives    Way Out West    Traditional Country

Sylvan Esso    What Now    Pop

Dan Tepfer    Eleven Cages    Jazz

Boubacar Traoré    Dounia Tabolo    West African Trance Blues

Various Artists    An American Troubadour: The Songs of Steve Forbert    Folk/Roots/Pop

Whiskey Shivers    Some Part of Something    Rock-ish Hillbilly Dance Music

John Williams    On the Wing    Classical Guitar