Here are my picks for the 100 best albums of 2019 (all styles, all genres). These are listed in
alphabetical order. Happy listening!

Here are another 100 albums of merit from 2019 worthy of your attention

Marco Ambrosini with Ensemble Supersonus: Resonances    
Ambient Medieval Jazz

Christopher Anderson-Bazzoli: Continent's End        
Song Cycle Based on Nine Poems by Robinson Jeffers

Timo Andres: Work Songs    
Genre-Crossing Contemporary Music About Work

Azymuth: Demos (1973-1975)            
Previously Unreleased Tracks by a Power Funk-Samba-Jazz Trio

Philip Bailey (with jazz guest artists): Love Will Find a Way            

Sara Bareilles: Amidst the Chaos      

Daniel Beaudoin: Long Gone      
Blues-Oriented Singer-Songwriter

Patrick Beaulieu-Hardin: Nightlight       
Minimalist Piano Compositions

Guy Bélanger: Eldorado        
Funky Harmonica from Quebec

Seamus Blake: Guardians of the Heart Machine     

R.L. Boyce: Rattlesnake Boogie: The Instrumentals      
Hill Country Blues

Alan Broadbent: New York Notes         
Jazz Piano Trio

Margaret Bonds: The Ballad of the Brown King         
Premiere Recording of Modern African-American Cantata

Burna Boy: African Giant  
Afro-Fusion Contemporary Pop from Nigeria

Uri Caine/Prism Quartet: Book of Days  
Contemporary Chamber Music for Piano and Saxophone Quartet

Carminho: Maria  

Gary Clark Jr.: This Land       
Crossover Album from Blues Guitarist

Billy Conahan: For You, Too   

Constantinople & Ablaye Cissoko: Traversées     
Contemplative Crosscultural Compositions

Santiago Córdoba: En Otros Lugares      
Transcendental South American Desert Psych

Minyo Crusaders: Echoes of Japan         
Afro-Colombian Cumbia Mixed with Japanese Folklore (and a Dose of Duke Ellington)

Bryce Dessner (composer)/Katia and Marielle Labèque (performers): El Chan           
Extroverted Contemporary Classical Music

Steve Earle: Guy     
Tribute Album Dedicated to Folk/Country Singer-Songwriter Guy Clark (1914-2016)

Chand Tara Orchestra: Chand Tara Orchestra          
Sufi Soul from Karachi Superband

Andy Findon: The Golden Days of the Circus        
Slightly Nightmarish Music for Creepy Clowns

Bill Frisell (with Petra Haden): Harmony        
Ambient American Roots Music (with Jazz Flavorings)

G&D: Black Love & War      
Contemporary Funk/R&B/Hip-Hop

Gaijin Blues: Gaijin Blues    
Polish Band Obsessed With Japanese Music and Disco

Galactic: Already Ready Already         
New Orleans Funk

John Garcia and the Band of Gold: John Garcia and the Band of Gold   
Stoner Rock

Marvin Gaye: You're the Man         
Previously Unreleased Music from Marvin Gaye

Sara Gazarek: Thirsty Ghost
Jazz Vocals

Larry Grenadier: The Gleaners
Music for Solo Bass

Guma: Guma  
Alt Pop with Double Rhythm Section and Saxes

Tigran Hamasyan: Soundtrack to They Say Nothing Stays The Same
Film Soundtrack

Matt Harlan: Best Beasts     
Plaintive Country

Juliana Hatfield: Weird
Weird Pop

Hejira: Thread of Gold          
British-Ethiopian Alt Soul Music

Howl Quartet: Lines, Vol. 1    
Two-Sax London Jazz Quartet with a Heavy Tristano and Cool School Vibe

Ethan Iverson (with Tom Harrell): Common Practice      

Vijay Iyer/Craig Taborn: The Transitory Poems         
Two Piano Jazz Duets

Nathalie Joachim: Fanm d'Ayiti
Genre-Crossing Music from Haitian-American Composer/Performer

Kalbata (featuring Tigris): Vanrock          
Techno + Voodoo Drums + Surf Guitar + Italian Film Music

Roger Kellaway: The Many Open Minds of Roger Kellaway
Jazz Piano

Angélique Kidjo: Celia    
Afropop Versions of Celia Cruz Songs

Simon Kiselicki: Same No More           
Solo Piano from Macedonian Composer/Improviser

Ståle Kleiberg: Do You Believe in Heather?
Contemporary Neo-Romantic Classical Music from Norway

Lee Konitz: Old Songs New          
Jazz Standards Played by a Nine-Piece Ensemble

J.Lamotta: Suzume          

The Last Love: Ephemera      
Contemporary Funk (with a bit of Brazilian Tropicalia and Steely Dan)

Jenny Lin: Artur Schnabel: Complete Works for Solo Piano   
Compositions by a Leading 20th Century Concert Pianist

Colin Linden and Luther Dickinson: Amour            
Old-Time Country/Roots

Mapumba: Kaleidoscope
Traditional African Singer-Songwriter

Eve Maret: No More Running      
Nashville Electropop/EDM

Branford Marsalis: The Secret Between the Shadow and the Soul      

Wynton Marsalis: Soundtrack to Bolden           
Film Soundtrack

Jimbo Mathus: Incinerator     

Bill Mays (with Matt Wilson and Martin Wind): Live at COTA  
Jazz Piano Trio

Reba McEntire: Stronger Than The Truth    

John McCowen: Mundanas I-V            
Drone Music for Two Clarinets

Fabio Mechetti / Minas Gerais Orchestra: Alberto Nepomuceno: Symphony in G minor        
Orchestral Works from Neglected Brazilian Composer (Teacher of Villa-Lobos)

Brad Mehldau: Finding Gabriel          
Jazz Suite Inspired by Prophetic Scriptural Texts

Adam Miller: Love/Home/Fight/Solo        
Solo Acoustic Guitar Groove Music

Nivhek: After its own death / Walking in a spiral towards the house      
Experimental Music for Lamentations

Nubiyan Twist: Jungle Run     
Afrobeat with Electronics from a 10-Piece London-Based Ensemble

Giacomo Palazzesi: Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Time Regained
Modern Classical Music for Guitar

Papisa: Fenda
Experimentall Brazilian Pop Recorded at Home in São Paulo

Marek Pasieczny: Tate Sonata    
Modern Solo Guitar Sonata with Jazz Spicing

Ryan Porter (with Kamasi Washington, Thundercat): Force for Good           
Contemporary Jazz from Los Angeles

Chris Potter: Circuits           
Electric Jazz

Rasmee: Roots   
Thai Folk Singer-Songwriter

Enrico Rava and Joe Lovano: Roma  

Joshua Redman: Come What May        

Frank Rothkamm: Quarter Tone Partitas          
A Cross Between Hawaiian Slack Key Music, Wendy Carlos Electronics and a Timothy Leary Acid Trip

Rozi Plain: What a Boost
Art Pop (with a Sun Ra cover)

Phil Salathé: Imaginary Birds: Music for Oboe & English Horn             
Ornithologically-Inspired Contemporary Music for Woodwinds

András Schiff: Franz Schubert: Sonatas and Impromptus            
Classical Music

Tristan Scroggins: Fancy Boy       
Bluegrass with a Celtic Tinge

Caroline Shaw/Attacca Quartet: Orange           
Contemporary Chamber Music

Bob Sheppard: The Fine Line

ShoutHouse: CityScapes      
Cross-Genre Collaboration Between 4 Composers, 5 Rappers, 3 Jazz Soloists and Classical Musicians

Gerald Situmorang & Sri Hanuraga: Meta   
Jazz Duets for Prepared Piano and Guitars from Indonesia

Wadada Leo Smith: Rosa Parks: Pure Love. An Oratorio of Seven Songs          
Progressive Jazz Art Songs

Stile Antico: In a Strange Land: Elizabethan Composers in Exile         
Renaissance Music

Dexter Story: Bahir   
East African-Inspired NuJazz from Los Angeles

Surfaces: Where the Light Is    
Texas Soul

Tierney Sutton:  ScreenPlay     
Jazz Vocals

Esbjörn Svensson Trio: E.S.T. Live in Gothenburg     
Previously Unreleased Live Jazz Recording from 2001

Swindle: No More Normal        
Hip-Hop with a Mix of NuJazz

Stefan Temmingh (with Wiebke Weidanz): Handel The Recorder Sonatas         
Classical Music for Recorder and Harpsichord

Tartit: Amankor/The Exile  
Mali Desert Blues

33EMYBW: DONG2 侗2   
Experimental Polyphonic Folktronica

Tiny Giant: Flying Mouse
Dream Pop from Hanoi

Tredici Bacci: La Fine del Futuro     
13-Piece Orchestra Playing a Mish-Mash of Sounds from 60s-70s Italian Films and Vintage Pop Tunes

Tune Recreation Committee: Afrika Grooves with the Tune Recreation Committee       
South African Jazz

Townes Van Zandt: Sky Blue         
Previously Unreleased 1973 Tracks from a Modern-Day Troubadour

Various Artists: Seitō: In the Beginning, Woman Was the Sun       
Compilation of Current-Day Underground Japanese Music by Women

Rik Warren: Sleep Fast We Need the Pillows      
Pop Blues

Leo Welch: The Angels in Heaven Done Signed My Name       
Last Album by Blue-Gospel Guitarist Leo Welch (1932-2017)

John Wilson/BBC Philharmonic: Eric Coates: Orchestral Works, Vol. 1          
Orchestral Works by the British "John Williams of the 1930s"
The Best of 2019

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I am often asked how I compile my
annual list of the 100 best albums.
Here is some background information.  

What is different about this year's list?

I am listing my top 100 and honorable
mention albums for 2019 in alphabetical
order, rather than ranking them. This
marks a change from some of
my earlier end-of-year lists. I am
doing this because each of these
albums deserves recognition and the
sequential ranking tended to focus
too much attention on just a few

What styles of music do I include in my

I listen to all genres and all styles of
music. I like to listen to music that is
fresh and different, and this spurs me
to search outside the dominant
commercial categories and hit
releases. But I also listen to the
heavily promoted albums from the
major labels.    

How much music do I listen to?   

I like to hear new music every day.   
During 2019 I listened to more
than 1,000 new  album releases.
(The exact number was 1,040.)  

Why do I compile this list?

Like any music lover, I enjoy sharing
my favorite recordings with others.
But in the last few years, a different
motivation has spurred me. I believe
that the system of music discovery is
broken in the current day. There is
more music recorded than ever before,
but it is almost impossible for listeners
to find the best new recordings. The
most creative work in music is
increasingly found on self-produced
projects and releases from small
indie labels— to an extent hardly
conceivable only a decade ago. Very
little of this music ever shows up on
the radio or the heavily-promoted
playlists, where formats seem to get
narrower and narrower with each
passing year. Music fans once heard
good new music at indie record stores,
but most of them have closed. Or
they could read reviews in the
newspaper, but both the newspapers
and the music reviews are shrinking or
disappearing. And the big record
labels are the worst culprits of all,
picking acts for their looks or their
potential appeal to fourteen-year-olds,
or some other egregious reason, and
in general jumping on the most trivial
passing fads. On the other hand,
the Internet presents an almost
infinite amount of music and music
commentary—yet where do fans
even begin to separate the good from
the bad and ugly?  My personal solution
to this dilemma has been to listen to
lots and lots of music, and try to
identify recordings of quality and
distinction. I share my list because
I know, from past experience, that
many other listeners are frustrated
with the broken system of music
discovery, and are also looking for
good new music.  

Why is this list so strange?

Yes, I am often asked that question. I
respond that there are two kinds of
end-of-year lists. The first type celebrates
cultural heroes and popular successes.
But there's a second type of list that
focuses on musical discovery and digs
deeply into under-the-radar releases
in search of hidden gems. This list does
a little of both, but leans more to the
second camp.

What criteria do I apply?  

I have no axe to grind.  My list is
filled with music I enjoy, and suspect
others will too—especially if they
have a reasonably good ear, and
an open mind. I like recordings that
show some flair and creativity, a
sense of style, solid musicianship,
and an emotional commitment to
the moment of performance. I
appreciate it when an artist
possesses a sense of musical
tradition; on the other hand, I don’t
want to see slavish imitation of the
past.  When music strikes me as
too formulaic or contrived or cold,
I start to lose interest. Like any critic,
I want my readers to think that I am
cool and hip and oh-so-up-to-date,
but I learned some time ago that
many of the best recordings are
decidedly uncool and unhip. So if
you want to laugh at me for honoring
some aging AM radio rock star or a
peculiar tuba album, go ahead
and do so. But also check out some
of the lesser-known titles on the list...
you might just be pleasantly surprised
by what you hear.

Happy listening!
The 100 Best Recordings of 2019
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John Luther Adams   
Become Desert          
Ecological Orchestral Soundscapes

Laurie Anderson / Tenzin Choegyal / Jesse Paris Smith
Songs from the Bardo           
Musical and Textual Evocation of 'The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Areni Agbabian         
Genre-Crossing Music for Voice, Piano and Percussion Influenced by Armenian Folk and Sacred Songs

Melissa Aldana          
Jazz Saxophony

Laurie Antonioli         
The Constant Passage of Time        
Jazz Vocal Interpretations of Singer-Songwriter Classics

Christian aTunde Adjuah     
Ancestral Recall         
Traditional and Futuristic Diaspora Soundscapes with Trumpet

Homecoming: The Live Album         
Contemporary R&B/Pop Meets a Marching Band

Paul Bley/Gary Peacock/Paul Motian         
When Will the Blues Leaves            
Previously Unreleased Live Jazz Trio Recording from 1999

Blue Heron/Scott Metcalfe  
Johannes Ockeghem: Complete Songs, Vol. 1         
Neglected Love Songs from Flemish Renaissance Liturgical Composer

Richard Bonynge/Victorian Opera  
Alfred Cellier: Dorothy         
Forgotten Gilbert & Sullivan-esque Operetta That Was a Huge Hit in the 1880s

Liz Brasher     
Painted Image           
Modern Memphis Soul-Pop Music

Walkie Talkie
Disco from the Future

Jeffrey Brooks            
The Passion   
Contemporary Classical Music with a Psychedelic Rock Ambiance

James Carter  
James Carter Organ Trio: Live from Newport Jazz            
Groove Jazz

Brìghde Chaimbeul   
The Reeling    
Contemporary Scottish Bagpipe Soundscapes with Noir/Gothic Flavoring

Chicago Sinfonietta/Mei-Ann Chen            
Project W: Works by Diverse Women Composers
Orchestral Music

Ivan Conti      
Poison Fruit   
First Album in 20 Years from a Pioneer of 'Samba Doido' ('Crazy Samba')

Chick Corea (with Christian McBride and Brian Blade)   
Trilogy 2         
Jazz Piano Trio

Cosey Fanni Tutti      
Techno with Touches of Cornet and Road Vehicles

Theon Cross   
Tuba-Driven Dance Jazz from London

Cucina Povera           
Songs Made by Finnish Sound Collage Artist With Tascam Zoom Recorder and Loop Pedal

Colin Currie & Steve Reich   
Live at Fondation Louis Vuitton       

Daisy the Great          
I'm Not Getting Any Taller   
Acoustic Punk Pop (Spiced with Folk Music) for Two Voices

Lana Del Rey  
Norman Fucking Rockwell    
Pop Singer-Songwriter

Jeremy Denk  
Pianist Surveys 700 Years of Music in 100 Minutes

Arrington de Dionyso           
Shouting Over Deep Water Blues   
Avant-Garde Horn Music Played on Homemade Instruments by a Man in a Boat off the Coast of Sweden

Dolphin Midwives     
Liminal Garden          
Fractured, Floating Music for Harp, Voice and Electronics

Carolina Eyck and Eversines           
Transcendent Alternative Pop for Theremin and Voice

Billie Eilish     
When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?          
Alt Pop Singer-Songwriter

Peter Eldridge (with Kenny Werner)           
Jazz Vocals with Strings

Kelly Finnigan           
The Tales People Tell           
Old School Soul

Flying Lotus   
Soulful NuJazz with Elements of Chillout and R&B

Bill Frisell/Thomas Morgan
Jazz Guitar and Bass Duets

Ricardo Gallén           
Leo Brouwer: Guitar Sonatas           
Contemporary Classical Guitar Works by Cuban Composer

Antón García Abril (composer), Hilary Hahn (performer)           
6 Partitas by Antón García Abril      
Contemporary Music for Solo Violin

Stan Getz        
Getz at the Gate         
Previously Unreleased Live Jazz Recording from 1961

Rhiannon Giddens    
There is No Other     

Pasquale Grasso        
Solo: Standards, Vol. 1          
Virtuosic Solo Jazz Guitar

Johnny Griffin & Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis     
Ow! Live at The Penthouse  
Previously Unreleased Live Recording of a Titantic Tenor Sax Battle from 1962

Iro Haarla       
Around Again – The Music of Carla Bley    
Jazz Trio Intrpretations of Compositions by Carla Bley

Afrofuturist EDM Constructed from Saharan Folk Songs (Nomadic Herding Ballads, Caravan Songs, Wedding Chants, etc.)

Brian Harnetty          
Shawnee, Ohio           
Sonic Ethnography of a Small Town in Ohio Presented Via a Sound Collage of Archival Interviews and Chamber Music

John Hartford            
Backroads, Rivers & Memories: The Rare & Unreleased John Hartford
Previously Unreleased 1960s Tracks from a Folk Music Legend

Claire Hastings          
Those Who Roam      
Scottish Singing Storyteller

Miho Hazama
Dancer in Nowhere   
Contemporary Big Band Music

Fred Hersch (with the WDR Big Band)      
Begin Again    

Laurence Hobgood    
Popular Songs Reimagined for Jazz Trio and String Quartet

John Dee Holeman    
Last Pair of Shoes      
90-Year-Old Piedmont Blues Guitarist Plays Juke Joint Music

Dave Holland/Zakir Hussain/Chris Potter
Good Hope     

Jimmy "Duck" Holmes          
Cypress Grove           
The Last of the Authentic Bentonia, Mississippi Blues Musicians

Bruce Hornsby          
Absolute Zero            
Rock (With a Dose of Jazz and Electronica)

Shahbaz Hussain and Helen Anahita Wilson         
Tabla/Keyboard Duets

Christone 'Kingfish' Ingram            
Modern Mississippi Blues

Ahmad Jamal
Solo Jazz Piano

Yves Jarvis     
The Same but by Different Means  
Folk Noir with Tender R&B Flourishes

Jatayu Chango
Carnatic Funk from Chennai

John Jeter/Fort Smith Symphony   
Florence Beatrice Price: Symphonies 1 & 4           
Premiere Recording of Symphony by a Pionnering African-American Female Composer

Hobo Johnson            
The Fall of Hobo Johnson     

Ahmed Ag Kaedy      
Akaline Kidal             
Tuareg Singer-Songwriter form Northern Mali Performs in Stripped-Down Solo Guitar Setting

Kayhan Kalhor          
It's Still Autumn        
Iranian Kamancheh Master Meets Jazz Trio

Eleni Karaindrou      
Tous des Oiseaux      
Cinematic Greek Music Blending Traditional and Orchestral Instruments

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan          
Live at WOMAD 1985           
First Release of Historic Live Concert by Sufi Vocal Master

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard           
Fishing for Fishies     
Art Pop with Unexpected Blues Twists

Sarathy Korwar         
More Arriving            
Indian Classical Music + Hip-Hop + Jazz

Kronos Quartet         
Terry Riley: Sun Rings          
Music for String Quartet, Chorus and Sounds from Outer Space

Julian Lage     
Love Hurts     
Genre-Crossing Guitar Music

Daniel Lanois (with Willie Nelson, D'Angelo, Rhiannon Giddens & others)   
The Music of Red Dead Redemption 2       
Cowboy Video Game Soundtrack

Sam Brady Long        
Satie, Dilated
Celestial Reverberations from Reconfiguring Satie at 1/5th Normal Speed

Russ Lossing  
Motian Music
Piano Trio Interpretations of Compositions by Paul Motian

Joe Lovano (with Marilyn Crispell)    
Trio Tapestry
Impressionistic Trio Music for Saxophone, Piano and Percussion

Hugh Marsh   
Stream-of-Consciousness Music for Solo Violin and Pedals

Ben Monder   
Day After Day            
Guitar Jazz

Dhil-un Taht Shajarat Al-Zaqum     
Experimental Saudi Arabian Techno Influenced by Pre-Islamic and Quranic Poetry

Phillip Nangle            
2 Karimba 3 Octave  
Pulsating Percussion Music Played on a Three-Octave Hepatonic Karimba

Kinloch Nelson          
Partly on Time: Recordings 1968-1970     
Seminal Tapes by Fingerstyle Guitar Innovator Released After 50 Years

Afrofuturist Music Perfromed on Traditional Percussion  Instruments from Uganda

Carola Ortiz    
Indian-Catalan Canciones with Clarinets

Nao Otsuka    
Layered Minimalist Drones with Japanese Soundscapes

Marianne Parker       
Pages Intimes: Haitian Works for Solo Piano         
Rediscovered Haitian Piano Music from Ludovic Lamothe ("The Black Chopin") and Others

Michel Petrucciani (with Roy Haynes and Gary Peacock)            
One Night in Karlsruhe        
Previously Unreleased Jazz Piano Trio Recording from 1988

The Raconteurs         
Help Us Stranger       
No Frills Rock

Joshua Redman & Brooklyn Rider   
Sun on Sand  
Genre-Crossing Chamber Music Suite Composed by Patrick Zimmerli

Michael Robinson      
Spirit Lady    
Modern Raga Performed by Vox Organ, Tamboura and Percussion (inspired by Lennie Tristano)

Rodrigo y Gabriela    
High Octane Mexican Guitar Duo

Adam Rudolph's Go Organic Orchestra with Brooklyn Raga Massive     
Ragmala - A Garden of Ragas           
21st Century Global Fusion Orchestra Meets 13th Century Raga

Toyohiko Satoh          
Combination of Traditional Lute Music with Japanese Aesthetic of 'Iki' (Translates a 'Elegant Refinement')

Seba Kaapstad          
South African Neo-Soul/Hip Hop

Smith N Weston        
Get Down       
Hot Blues-Rock Trio from Greece

D.J. Sparr       
Electric Bands            
Electronically-Enhanced Contemporary Chamber Music

Joanna Sternberg      
Then I Try Some More         
Emotionally Stark Singer-Songwriter

The Sick Room          
Unorthodox Pop Dirges Influenced by Javanese Gamelan, Gregorian Chant and Arvo Pärt

Rafael Thomaz           
Invenções para Violão e Percussão             
Brazilian Music for Guitar and Percussion

Miguel Trapaga & Teresa Folgueira            
Guitar Double Concertos      
Contemporary Classical Music for Guitar (and Accordion, Vibraphone)

Mark Turner/Gary Foster    
Mark Turner Meets Gary Foster      

Uncle Hassell
Delta Drone   
Experimental Electronic Music

Various Artists           
Ann Arbor Blues Festival 1969       
Live Recording of Historic 1969 Blues Festival

Various Artists           
Antologia de Música Atípica Portuguesa, Vol. 2     
An Anthology of 'Atypical' Portuguese Music

Various Artists           
Benefit Of Mr. Kitesurfer     
13 Bands from 13 Countries Play Surf Rock Versions of Beatles Songs (from 13 Albums)

Various Artists           
Kankyō Ongaku
First US Release of Pioneering Japanese Environmental Music from the 1980s

Denny Zeitlin
Remembering Miles  
Solo Jazz Piano