The Jazz Standards: A Guide to the Repertoire

by Ted Gioia
A Spotify Playlist of 2,000 tracks recommended in The Jazz Standards
                                                        (courtesy of Jim Higgins of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
Ted Gioia
The Jazz Standards, is the first
comprehensive guide to the most
important jazz compositions.  This
new work from critic and scholar
Ted Gioia is a unique resource, a
browser's companion, and an
invaluable introduction to the art
form. This essential book for music
lovers tells the story of more than
250 key jazz songs, and includes
a listening guide to more than 2,000
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"If you look up just one title in The Jazz Standards, before you
realize it you will have spent an intriguing hour or two learning
fascinating and new things about old songs that you have
known most of your life."  
Dave Brubeck

"Which is best: interpretation or song? In any case, jazz
and standards are forever locked in loving embrace.  A
finely researched work."
                 Sonny Rollins

"Mr. Gioia's is the first general-interest, wide-ranging and
authoritative guide to the basic contemporary jazz canon."
                 Wall Street Journal

"What makes The Jazz Standards so engaging is just this sort
of anecdotal texture, Gioia's ability to write as an inhabitant of
both the tradition and the songs…To read
The Jazz Standards,
then, is not unlike listening to Gioia play his way through this
music, sharing not just what he likes (and dislikes) but also
what he knows."
                 Los Angeles Times

“Richly informative…Gioia delivers this kind of in-depth notation
(and correction of the record) again and again. Calling them
'the soundtrack of my own life,' he takes the reader through
hundreds of songs….
The Jazz Standards itself is awfully nice
to dip into.”
                 Washington Post

"In virtually every instance, Gioia delivers."
The Atlantic Monthly

"One man’s repertoire may be another man’s B-list, but when
the man is Ted Gioia, one tends to listen – in both senses.
Gioia, among the most lauded of jazz writers, has chosen more
than 250 songs. He tells the story behind each….Compulsively
readable, and belongs on the shelves of every jazz lover, or jazz-
lover wannabe."
                 Toronto Globe and Mail

"What a useful and informative book The Jazz Standards is!  
Explaining the jazz repertory in a way that is accessible for
the jazz beginner yet stimulating for the aficionado, Ted
Gioia shows once again why he is one the best jazz
writers around today."  
Gerald Early

"Warning: This book is addictive."
Dallas Morning News

"Gioia is arguably the must lucid writer-historian on jazz...For
browsing, or for remarkably intimate histories of songs and
tunes many know by heart,
The Jazz Standards can’t be beat."
                  Montreal Gazette

“Gioia writes with an endearing blend of erudition and
opinionating…that makes the book both a delightful browse
and a handy reference and roadmap for jazzophiles.”
                 Publishers Weekly

"This book should be in the library of every gigging jazz
musician and every serious jazz fan."  
Library Journal